Our Story

Growing up in Iran, Leila spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her Grandmother. Here she learnt the joy of not measuring ingredients and following her intuition when it comes to flavour. To Leila, food brings people together so her food is always sprinkled with love.

Leila's desire to share good food has taken her to various local cafés over the years, however her dream has always been to have one of her own. When Sourena went through a midlife crisis, growing tired of his immigration law job in Leeds, they decided to make that dream a reality.

Leila’s passion for cooking combined with Sourena’s passion for eating makes them the dream team. Together they want to share the message that vegetarian and vegan food can be exciting and delicious whilst also committing to sustainability.

Wherever possible they make sure to use local, high quality ingredients, keeping prices low and paying their staff (who they see as their extended family) a fair wage. 

Leila’s Kitchen opened in 2019 and within 8 months they have experienced flooding and a global pandemic. It hasn’t been easy, but through hard work and love for their community, they have kept going, so succefully, indeed from strength to strength. Through difficult times, their customers' satisfaction and happiness has remained their focus. 

Leila’s Kitchen is a place for people to come together and enjoy delicious food in a cosy setting. Along with Persian inspired food, they provide fresh coffee, juice, cakes and smiles on a daily basis, except on Tuesdays!